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Hygiene - 15 Minute City 7"

Hygiene - 15 Minute City 7"

Static Shock Records

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Hygiene are one of my favourite modern bands that exemplify a no-frills, amateur-friend-group-blowing-off-steam creative tradition that when done with a bit of personality will always be relevant and highly enjoyable.

Names like Desperate Bicycles, Alternative TV and Crisis have been thrown around in comparison, sometimes I get a whiff of if the Fred Perry/Doc Marten wearers and fans of The Fall could find a middle ground. I also feel a similar pulse to Eddy Current Suppression Ring, substituting our regional influences (Aus) for theirs (UK).

They’re sounding sharper than ever on this 3 song 7”, some added melodicisms in Lucy Anstey’s backing vocals, and thankfully they continue writing songs that’re actually about stuff! Without getting too into it, Hygiene humorously jab at the politically debilitating culture war spectacle that is life in 2024. Happy 15th birthday to Hygiene and Static Shock Records! - Nic