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Hydromedusae - Hydromedusae LP

Hydromedusae - Hydromedusae LP

Trome Records

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Hydromedusae is the new project of long-time friends and collaborators Jessica Bailiff and Annelies Monseré. Their debut self-titled LP as Hydromedusae was patiently sketched through years and over seas, and comprises of eight minimal songs that weave darkly hypnotic melodies with drone-folk structures. On some songs the repeating vocal patterns, whispered, close-by and offset by distant guitar, create an diaphanous fog. Other tracks are harder edged, with garish keyboards and distortion. Drones form the basis on most compositions; organ, bass pulses or sustained guitar acting as a backdrop to monophonic vocals, with cello, piano and percussion drifting in and out of range.

Throughout their careers a mutual harmony with each other's sound has been detectable; the expansive space of Annelies' 2005 CD Helder prompted reviewers to draw reference to Jessica Bailiff, and the folk influences present throughout Jessica's work has kinship with Annelies Monseré's uniquely minimal song craft.

They have collaborated before, culminating in a number of live performances and a 2008 EP on Morc Records in which they re-worked pared down versions of each other's songs. As such, the haunted sound of Hydromedusae feels like an organic synergy of two artists who have resolutely pursued their own paths, only to find common ground. - Trome Records