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Home Blitz - All Through The Year 12"

Home Blitz - All Through The Year 12"

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Look I’ve gotta get back to new item data entry so this isn’t going to get the energy it truly deserves but since its arrival 24 hours ago this new Home Blitz 12” has not left my mind. New music is enjoyed as much as ever, but it’s not often I’m this baffled.

We start off in familiar Home Blitz territory of an over-too-quickly power pop number that alludes to The dBs or The Real Kid. Then it’s onto new and unknown territory for the group, while still definitely being Home Blitz. Woozy folk time signatures meet Trap-ish triplets in a bizarro world would-be top 10 hit.

The record is sprinkled with field recordings, tape manipulation, allusions to another song and other editing techniques to keep you on your toes, then the EP finishes with the undefinable 9 minute magnum opus ‘Real Green’. It’s a high point of the entire HB catalogue.

On ‘All Through The Year’ I’m reminded of those post-minimalist figures that fused the avant-garde with popular music: Robert Ashley (circa Perfect Lives), ‘Blue’ Gene Tyranny and Elodie Lauten as well as Shirley Collins, Alex Chilton, Scott Miller (Game Theory, Loud Family) and maybe even a bit of Meatloaf.

It feels like Daniel DiMaggio is fully embracing himself and his eclectic artistic interests. If they haven’t already I’m sure a few fans of the early singles will be ready to jump ship. But it’s their loss, Home Blitz is #1!!!! - Nic