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Hieroglyphic Being	- There Is No Acid In This House 2LP

Hieroglyphic Being - There Is No Acid In This House 2LP

Soul Jazz Records

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Infinite source of Chicago energy, Jamal Moss dons his Hieroglyphic Being mask on a 3rd album of mystic acid for Soul Jazz

Maintaining a bewildering workrate resulting in a trio of tape albums under this name and the killer ‘Thanks 4 The Tracks U Lost’ with Modern Love already in ’22, Jamal delivers 14 more permutations of mazy acid house and synth jazz on ‘There Is No Acid In This House.’ Regular as night after day, he channels a vast reservoir of influence from the box beating heroes such as Adonis, Lil Louis, and Ron Hardy thru to the astral steez of Sun Ra and The Art Ensemble of Chicago in his unceasing rhythmelodies and nagging, tracky drive, forever generating surprises and soul-hooking spirits with each jam.

There’s typically a lot of gear on offer here, with an emphasis on richly colourful, bodyjacking rhythmelody and mind-bending kaotic harmony that leaves users in no doubt what to do with it all. He teases heads into the mode with glorious beatless acid intro ‘Communion of the Highest Order’, and cascades thru propulsive variations on a theme spanning psychojak acid jazz in ‘We Arte Light Vessels’, thru to high velocity madness on ‘Let Me Know How U really Feel.’ There are premo pounders in ‘Frantic Moments’ and the square-bassed tonker ‘Deconstructing The Path’, plus signature flourishes of freehand 303 in ‘Dark Acidic Organs From The Void’ and the brain bugging freak ‘Beyond the Outrage’ all primed to find the pleasure centres of sweaty vessels in the club and spangled bodies at home. - Soul Jazz