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Helta Skelta - Helta Skelta LP

Helta Skelta - Helta Skelta LP

Bad Habit Records

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Part of the original concept of Bad Habit Records was to delve into the past of Australian underground music and dig out important releases and reissue them with a real eye to keeping the atmosphere of the original time and circumstances. Records that everyone should have in their collection. High water marks of Australian punk.

The first Helta Skelta LP was self released and sold out quickly. We always get asked at the shop if we have it. Whenever we get a 2nd hand copy, the next person to come in buys it straight away. It's became a mythical record.

Everything about this record is perfect. The cryptic cover is aesthetically pleasing, but also has the aesthetics of a thousand bugs crawling all over your skin. Like Nick Blinko if he only ever watched kids cartoons. The music is this 60's garage inspired punk but played with the aggression of hardcore. The guitars are nearly surf rock at times, minimal distortion. The vocals are beamed in directly from the dimension of angry father yelling at his crying family for not turning off the lights or putting the water back in the fridge. He's taking out his frustrations and confusion about a cruel and uncaring world by being cruel and uncaring towards you, the listener. A perfect punk album that's disorienting and absurd in a perfect way. - Bad Habits Records