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Headroom / Landing - Landing / Headroom LP

Headroom / Landing - Landing / Headroom LP


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The latest release from the fruitful Connecticut psych underground sees longtime stalwarts Landing split sides with the killer Kryssi Battalene-led Headroom. Considering the last Headroom LP has been a cornerstone of my 2020 listening, I was pretty excited to get a grip of this one and gotta say it delivered!

The kind of psych-rock chug and electric guitar wrangling that one could expect from a release from this crew, but the highlights are the more contemplative tracks that bookend the release: a 12 minute borderline-ambient offering from Landing that unfolds layers of sonic murk and groove, and a track to round out the LP that feels like Headroom in VU-esque ballad mode. Never too late to slot one more album into those best of 2020 lists!