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Hayden Moon - A Creek Cut Through Me CS

Hayden Moon - A Creek Cut Through Me CS

Altered States Tapes

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Hayden Moon is a younger head, originally from the other Newcastle, Wollongong, but is now based in the home of Silverchair. He approached me last year with an interest in the label and keeness to share this collection of ambient meditations.

The four cuts here drift around a Yoshimura kind of calmness and immersive serenity, utilising gentle massages of synth and field recordings of local environs (including the much-beloved Bogey Hole). It is the small intrusions of tape hiss interference that really grabbed me on first listen. I’m hoping that Moon delves further into this kind of unease/wrongness in future work, balancing the lightness with a little dark. Regardless Moon’s debut, A Creek Cut Through Me, is an immensely strong work for an emerging artist and I’m proud to be able to share it. 

Also, music aside, can we not agree that Hayden Moon is a pretty amazing legal name for an ambient artist?