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Handle - In Threes LP

Handle - In Threes LP

Upset The Rhythm

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Incorporating a diverse range of influences, from samba to no wave, this three-piece (now based between Manchester/London/Brussels) make a uniquely minimal sound, buoyed by poetic, urgent vocals. Each instrument brings its own voice, yet somehow the result is a brilliantly unified and understated sonic experience that demands your attention.

A group that mesh politics and the avant-garde in with tribal percussion, and urgent, agitated vocals, their songs – all of which clock in around the two minute mark – owe as much to performance poetry as they do to post-punk.

Jolting, shattering, cracking. smoothed, bounded, punctuated. The ‘In Threes’ LP is a collection of frenetic rhythms for frenzied forms. - Upset The Rhythm