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Hammering The Cramps -  Hammering The Cramps LP

Hammering The Cramps - Hammering The Cramps LP

Wormwood Grasshopper Records

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Digging around out back I found a couple of copies of a record that has really stuck with me. Hammering The Cramps play low fidelity, sad sack indie rock where exceptional melancholy melodies soar out of the mess.

To paint a deeper picture think Siltbreeze Records, a pedal-less Flying Saucer Attack, Whitehouse era Dead C, Eno’s Warm Jets and the most stark/swaggerless Velvet Underground bootleg.

Thinking about this record and associated acts makes me want to proclaim that Tasmania was last decade’s most interesting state for Australian music, and Wormwood Grasshopper our most slept on independent label.

I know all Tasmanians will groan the end-of-the-world, Xpressway/NZ Underground comparisons but HECK, someone’s gotta start planting the seeds for these things to get the 30-year-on reissue hype This Kind Of Punishment and The Pin Group have now! - Nic