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Hacker - Pick A Path 12"

Hacker - Pick A Path 12"

Hardcore Victim

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A whose-who of Melbourne Punk steering a primitive, thuggish, certainly more East-than-West Coast Hardcore sound away from the subject matter of intra-HC tough guy pit politics and towards the real enemy... technology. For fans of Warthog, Histamine and Exit Order.

Do you ever wonder which Hardcore icons have embraced the emoji? Yeah me neither, I am normal person.

- Nic (repressed Records)

From Hardcore Victim:

After a sold-out 2019 demo, the hacker group are back stronger than ever with an all new 12" of carefully-crafted, hostile hardcore. These 7 totally unreasonable tracks take the stubborn pulse of the Abused or early Poison Idea with the flair of The Rival Mob or Warthog, and then filter it all through the worldview of The Matrix movies. Technology is dystopia, the future is primitive, but Hacker is here to unleash your most primal urge and show you the mosh is eternal. Featuring lifers from bands like Masstrauma, Ubik, Uglies, Soakie, Infinite Void, Masses, TOL, Starvation, Wasteland, Sick Machine, Crush the Demoniac, Wizz Kids etc. Produced in Naarm, mastered in Amherst, MA and cut and plated in the UK by our friends at Finyl Tweak and Stamper Disc to ensure these 7 knuckle dragging tracks are loud af. Beautifully packaged with an A3 fold out poster insert featuring artwork by the talented Charlie Ickeringill.
Get hacked!