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Gutter Oil - IX CS

Gutter Oil - IX CS

Helta Skelta

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resh off the back of a prolonged and unexplained hiatus, Perth's most beloved and first punk band 'Gutter Oil' return to what they do best, making sub-par music that you bottom-dwelling pigs eat up like corn and peanuts from a slop bucket.

Gutter Oil's new release brings some legitimacy back to the Perth punk scene, which has seen a horror 2022 of terrible release after terrible release. Singing praise to the band, many critics have described Gutter Oil's third demo as "truly one of the many releases this year" and "I don't get it". Raw up-and-down picked guitar riffs, human played drums and beginner level music equipment create a demo that is truly memorable!*

For only INSERT PRICE you can buy 2022's hottest release and add a small pittance to the vast wealth of Perth's highest net-worth band! A percentage** of all proceeds of sale will be donated to the 'Second Chance Foundation' to help re-home ugly children.

* Gutter Oil in no way guarantees memorability of any tracks featuring on this demo.
** The percentage is 0%

- Helta Skelta