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Guided By Voices - Vampire On Titus CS

Guided By Voices - Vampire On Titus CS


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Guided By Voices have always been a band I’ve associated with this shop. I’m pretty sure it was via reviews of Royal Headache and Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys that I’d first cottoned onto the group, but I didn’t hear them until Nic foisted a reissue of Bee Thousand upon me years ago.

Since then I’ve dabbled around the edges of catalogue but haven’t put in the hard hours to call myself a true GBV-head or to properly position this album within the catalogue. But it’s nice to finally hear the LP before Bee Thousand. On Vampire on Titus, the germs of those pop hooks are there, but even more minimal, lo-fi, and rough around the edges, with the classic fade-in-fade-out song sketch move.

PS. Can’t help but think that the riff in BWBB’s Bite My Tongue is a tribute to Sot off of this album??? Can anyone confirm/deny?