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Grout - Grout CS

Grout - Grout CS


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From Stocked Records...

"GROUT is originally the solo project of convicted JENKUM addict and ex GEE TEE drummer / sometimes synth player SEB ROGERS.

The piece of SHIT that was GROUT has now been revived as a TWO PIECE, thanks to the addition and coercion of BEN SMITH of SHACKLES and BLIND GIRLS fame on drum duty.

This EP is the FIRST of a SLEW of forthcoming releases, giving nods to AMERICAN HARDCORE bands such as: GAG, GLUE, GAS RAG and HOAX.

On this EP Grout deliver 4 NEW originals and 1/3 of a DEVO cover for the kids.

Expect NOTHING LESS than a COMPLETELY FACETIOUS vocal delivery, TIDY riffs and CONCISE drumming."