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Grieg - Detritus 12"

Grieg - Detritus 12"

NGM Music

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NGM Records are honoured to bring to you the sophomore LP by subjectively one of the greatest bands that Brisbane has to offer, lurking in the depths of Brisbane's extreme music scene; Grieg - a band with no home, you can find them playing on a line up with a variety of sounds from electronica to out and out death metal, yet always delivering the most punishing, captivating set of the show.

Detritus showcases the band operating at it's peak, exploding with power on every single track in all of it's different forms. Grieg shows a depth to their sound that encapsulates everything from classic noise-rock stylings to frost bitten tremolo riffs and blasts reminiscent of something far more Norwegian with noise layering and electronics to compliment.

Comprised of current and ex-members of Hateman, Dick Nasty, HITS, Gazoonga Attack, Noose, John Lee Spider, Western Pleasure and many more.

These songs are intense and powerful, let them now speak for themselves.