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Golgothan Remains - Adorned In Ruin LP

Golgothan Remains - Adorned In Ruin LP

Sentient Ruin Laboratories

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While manufacturing delays obviously suck eggs, in this circumstance I'm glad we had the CD a few months before the LP as Sydney “Dark Death Metal Futurists” Golgothan Remains 2nd full length has revealed its excellence with numerous listens.

It's hard to identify the qualities that've made Adorned In Ruin such a fulfilling experience. It's almost like “extreme metal” that doesn't rely on cliched extremities, be it on the avant-garde or Old School side of Death Metal. Their nuanced approach eventually exposes both an inventive eccentricity and truly visceral riffage, making it simultaneously feel more strange but also more firmly metal (i.e. not post-metal) with each listen.

It's so sick how my favourite current Australian metal bands (Faceless Burial, Tyrannic, Contaminated etc) possess unique dynamics and sonic personalities in a realm of music that probably all sounds like the same garbage to the average Rumours reissue buyer (love you guys too!). - Nic