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Godless - Sic Luceat Vacuum Nostrum LP

Godless - Sic Luceat Vacuum Nostrum LP

Me Saco Un Ojo

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Grievous darkness arises a fog of nefarious nature, clouding the vision. Rather than an optical illusion it is an unavoidable moment at every man’s existence. At some point as mortal ones, sooner or later we must face the end and assume the command of the utter call: then we all cease to exist.

The faithful and the unbelievers, either those who amassed wealth or those who are kings of the poverty line, both the sick and the healthy ones, shall face their destiny at last, on the very crucial instant which leads to the eve of their decease. May their lives have been burnt on its fullness or suffered worthlessly, the curtain of the great masquerade falls and finallly it is the time: the real performance on its hollowing wholeness.

The fragility of the body becomes irrelevant: eternity opens and it is not trace of peaceful shiny white lights as a welcomer, but an impenetrable silence, an obscurity like never witnessed before. It is not the fear, it is not affliction, but the absence of all hope and goodness. That is the way Godless sounds on “Sit Luceat Vacuum Nostrum” a 4 songs MLP (3 tunes plus 1 instrumental) which is another measured ration of reactionary death metal, very incantationish and morbidly influenced angel wise. If you are among those whole like or dare to flirt with death, pure death metal the abominable way, then look no further. You have open the gridiron of you own chamber, so feel free to enter, lock it and throw the key away. You will enjoy and endure some of your own medicine. Even may death reach you along, you never know. - Me Saco Un Ojo