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FRAK - Spring 2016 CS

FRAK - Spring 2016 CS

Chemical Imbalance

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From Chemical Imbalance...

~ Frakreactor ; 'Spring 2016' // Recorded by Michael Donnelly.
Largescale free-improv jam sessions from tri-state participants [QLD, NSW, VIC], (usually) annual group gatherings / piss-ups, for many years now, recordings taken place from Green Pigeon Community Hall located in bushland Northern NSW. Including groups of artists of widely ranging sobriety/ages/abilities/"fame" for lack of better word, w/ many notable names, in varying states of consciousness. So as the rather cliché saying goes for historical music events like the Woodstock fest. of '69 - If you were really there, then you most likely don't remember it... Same applies here.
~ Featuring members of; 6majik9, ffehro, smoking ruins, no guru, wardenburger, slupr, xwave, SSS, the Perfect Lovers, unaustralians, Life Groove Orchestra, the SHA, Blonde Cobra, Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood, sky needle, Vavenge, bad intentions, bitter defeat, mutaneer, toilet roll doll, stasis duo, Tracey, yr intestines, etc.etc.

~ These are the selected highlights of recorded material from Spring '16 as the title suggests, jam packed onto C90 tape.