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Forbidden Overture - Turned On! LP

Forbidden Overture - Turned On! LP

Dark Entries

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Dark Entries continues their archival deep dive into gay porn soundtracks with the reissue of Forbidden Overture’s soundtrack to the bathhouse fantasy Turned On—two sides of slo mo, gradually building. and throbbing synth pads, drum machines, and electric piano.

Forget the sleazy funk bass and wah guitars of the cliche porno soundtrack and think the euphoric swells of Neu, the pulsing drive of Kraftwerk, the cyclical and kitschy compositions of Essendon Airport or Tsk Tsk Tsk with a wooziness and dub-wise production value that doesn’t seem too much of a stretch from Yuta Matsamura’s much lauded solo album from earlier this year.

I’m not normally one for soundtracks, but reckon this one stands up not only as a point of archival intrigue, but an incredible album in and of itself.