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Femme - Chroma LP

Femme - Chroma LP

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When it comes to head-scratchers, no one plows into the scalp like Bruit Direct. For their 24th release, they've ponied up this melange by the duo Femme, whose LP, Chroma, summons forth a soundscape of stellar post trance, electro magma. As dense as it is deft. The 10 gurgling innards effortlessly spewed out here rank it alongside other Moltenadelic CO-2 snuffers such as Ilitch's 'Periodik Mindtrouble' & Junji Hirose + Yoshihide Otomo's 'Silanganan Ingay'. Lush, foreboding & fantastical, Chroma's pocket universe of seductive dread could spook the sheen right off 've Moebius' Airtight Garage & there ain't a damn thing Major Grubert or Jerry Cornelius gonna do about it. The future doesnÕt get anymore Untopian than this.
- Tom Lax

Femme is the duo of Arno Bruil (Descendeur / France Sauvage) and Jo Tanzprocesz (Fusiller / Opera Mort). Guaranteed without field recording.