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Fashion Pimps & The Glamazons - Jazz 4 Johnny LP

Fashion Pimps & The Glamazons - Jazz 4 Johnny LP

Feel It Records

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From Feel It...
Fashion Pimps And The Glamazons. A new Cleveland rock group, cut from the same musical DNA that has spawned wonders like Folded Shirt, Cloud Nothings, Donkey Bugs, and countless others. It's fashion. Angular. Punk.

Richard Glamazon's tortured, warbly guitar refuses to talk in power chords, stringing notes around high powered synth blasts from Noah A (Profligate). Steve Chainsaw anchors the low end while espousing freaky plans and twisted dreams through hypnotic, layered vocals. Jayson G lays into the drums like only a true Fashion Pimp ©an.

The Glamazons prove to be immaculately tight, driving their amplified Rust Belt experience into the ether. Jazz 4 Johnny holds court with Ubus and X_Xs past, yet the sound isn't quite Terminal, Drome, or even Mustard...it's the future, baby! Have you met Fashion Pimps And The Glamazons yet?