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Exhumed - Gore Metal LP (25th Anniversary Reissue)

Exhumed - Gore Metal LP (25th Anniversary Reissue)

Relapse Records

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Crazy to think Gore Metal is now old enough to have amassed unshakable credit card debt or have completed their air-conditioning & refrigeration mechanic apprenticeship!

Exhumed’s debut continues the legacy of entry level grindcore gods Carcass and Repulsion, obviously not as groundbreaking as those aforementioned bands, but the charmingly loose and shitty performance/recording quality, considered arrangement of raging riffs and absurd vocal stylings, and general level of obscene fun happening here makes it a keeper! - Nic


Gore Metal Maniacs EXHUMED announce the 25 year anniversary deluxe reissue of their legendary debut album Gore Metal! Fully remastered audio of the original mix by Arthur Rizk (Kreator, Cavalera, Power Trip, and more,) Gore Metal now features expanded artwork, live tracks (digital only), and liner notes! The 25th anniversary edition of Gore Metal is streaming in full now!

Frontman Matt Harvey comments:

“Like a lingering recurrent infection, this album just keeps rearing its ugly head. Twenty-five years is a long time for a record this raw, nasty, crude and repugnant to hang around, so what better time would there be than now to reissue it on vinyl? The re-master has breathed new life into these dusty old tracks and the record has never sounded better. I hope you necromaniacs are as excited about this as we are, because we have a bunch of plans around this reissue and anniversary in the works. If you've been hoping for a chance to hear some deep cuts and (slaughter)cult classicks... your patience will soon be rewarded.”