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Execution - Silently It Grows 7" EP

Execution - Silently It Grows 7" EP

Hardcore Victim

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XECUTION didn't exactly form out of the ashes of Soma Coma but expand upon their chaotic vision of manic Hardcore. While the reference points of choice for deep-punk nerds are Italian groups Wretched and Cheetah Chrome Motherfucker, this context is unnecessary to get what's being put down.

I think the Italian HC reference point could be substituted for the continuous international HC melting pot that means new pockets of vital punk can appear in unlikely times/places.

Example: US HC with some root in Germs/Dead Boys nihilism meets the new sonic language of Discharge in some corners of the world. It mutates, feeds into other corners of the world with their regional affections. This year's crucial end result is Execution.

- Nic