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Elli and Bev - Recordings 9. 5. 2015 CS

Elli and Bev - Recordings 9. 5. 2015 CS

Albert's Basement

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From Albert's Basement... In lieu of the follow up of our desires, Natalie K has kindly wrapped a hand around a spark – snatched out of the night, and put this album together from what was there. Favourites from the live set may be absent, but we will forgive. Elli and Bev is the music of dreams, and so it’s only fitting they leave us with some. Pining for that moment to be reignited. A smile and a tear from behind the camera lense of this day we have, and above the wine glass clasped in our hands tonight.

Recorded by Mia Schoen at Jacana Studio
Mixed by Mia, Natalie and Sam Acres
Mastered by Patrick Cross
All songs by E&B except Pascalle written by Pascal Comelade (lyrics by nk)