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Eggy - Bravo LP

Eggy - Bravo LP

Spoilsport Records

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Using everything from glockenspiel to water cooler, Bravo! is an expansion of the band’s surrealist-pop sound. An 11 track opus that amplifies Eggy’s eccentricities in an exercise of free form expression. Slotting somewhere between garage, post-punk and absurdist sound-collage, Bravo! is an ambitiously diverse full-length that encapsulates Eggy’s myriad of influences.

Bravo! was recorded at Fishbone's Tone Shack Studio by Fabian Hunter and mixed/mastered by Mikey Young.


Quote from Spoilsport.

"No matter what I say will be biased because I'm in the band. But damn Eggy are so up my alley musically. Unashamedly weird. Sounds like heaps of fun to make the songs and that definitely comes across. All the songs have their own flavour to them, jumping between post-punk, new-wave, prog, garage and straight up pop. But somehow they all still feel like Eggy."