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DJ Spinn - Da Life E.P. 12"

DJ Spinn - Da Life E.P. 12"


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Chicago footwork legend and co-founder of the Teklife producers crew (alongside his musical collaborator DJ Rashad) DJ Spinn makes his long awaited return to Hyperdub with Da Life EP, and we couldn’t be happier to have him back.

Da Life EP  is a perfect snapshot of why we've been missing him, morphing frantic juke, hip hop slow jams and icey G-Funk into colourful inventive 160bpm footwork, that can be as abstract as it can be musical.

Alongside Rashad, Spinn united the genre's producers and took it global. 'Da Life' represents his re-entry back into the scene since 2015's 'Off That Loud', and he’s coming back as strong as ever.