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DJ Spinn - Da Life E.P. 12"

DJ Spinn - Da Life E.P. 12"


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Thinking back to when I was first navigating the fresh, fun and original sound of Chicago Footwork...

I heard Double Cup around its release, immediately ordered the Bangs & Works compilations and thankfully came across Tim & Barry's 'I'M TRYNA TELL YA' documentary (essential viewing!) which really unpacked why this music felt so full of life.

While it was obvious then and now that DJ Spinn is a central figure in Footwork, he's always had a mysterious low-key charisma about him. Not quite in the front and centre but always near.

On Da Life EP, Spinn brings an Electro-into-G-Funk flavour linto Footwork. A laid back slow-mo feeling within a music that is definitely fast. It warps time with complex rhythmic tricks without ever losing the smooth! - Nic