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DJ Roc - The Crack Capone CD

DJ Roc - The Crack Capone CD

Planet Mu

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Apparently 'crack' in DJ Roc's 'The Crack Capone' is a reference to what his music's complicated, mind/body boggling rhythms will do to the dancer's ankles. To me, the 'crack' has another connotation as I am addicted!

Released in 2010 on Planet Mu, the same year the UK label released the Bangs & Works compilation that would introduce the world to the fantastic sound of Chicago Footwork, I've only recently discovered it and wonder why it wasn't on my radar earlier?

The whole album is like those now removed-from-the-market fusions of caffeine and malt liquor, energising and woozying at the same time.

While I'm far from an insider it feels like Footwork in its "pure form". A minimal palette of drum sounds and samples flipped in inventive, hypnotic ways. The spontaneous made-for-dancer (and maybe some MySpace uploading) vibe feels raw and refreshing a decade on. - Nic