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dj pgz - The Dance / Hypnotic Suburbs 7"

dj pgz - The Dance / Hypnotic Suburbs 7"

Butter Sessions

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Gunai/Kunai & Yorta Yorta artist dj pgz makes his Butter Sessions debut with a killer 2-track EP The Dance / Hypnotic Suburbs.

dj pgz makes his affinity for the sounds of the underground known in A-side track “The Dance”, where he masterfully commands a dark miasma of rolling bass and percussion. As per the title, “The Dance” is made for raging dancefloors and the relationships you make along the way, following in trajectory from his last release “Unknown at Night” (Pure space compilation - PROXIMITY ||). As the track blossoms into a frenzy of syncopated kick drum programming, rolling trap hi-hats and trusty claps, it’s cognizant how dj pgz’s experience drumming from the age of 13 has lent itself to his already developed idiosyncratic sound in electronic music production.

“I want folks to feel like this music is something familiar and new at the same time. I want them to enjoy it, but also if they don't have an enjoyable experience, that's ok too. At the centre of it all, I want to create something that has a groove and makes folks really keen to move around.”

In “Hypnotic Suburbs” dj pgz explores new avenues, starting with an evocative use of space that transforms into beloved drum and bass. The sonic mold is pieced together with high-pitch synth melodies and rubbery bass lines, aided by local rapper Teether’s vocals, which add an unbeatable live dimension you simply can’t beat.

“Features with people in my community is what making music is all about. I'm always interested in creating something together, and if folks I want to collaborate with enjoy what I do, then that's better than the release to me. When I took this joint to Corey it was still half an idea and he helped me with getting this track over the line instrumentally with arrangement, sounds, mix and energy. Corey was fresh to collaborate with, he taught me some secret techniques too which I'll hope to pull out for future releases”.
 - Butter Sessions