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DJ Diamond - Flight Muzik Reloaded CD

DJ Diamond - Flight Muzik Reloaded CD

Planet Mu Records

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This is the Japanese CD version of ZIQ302 Flight Muzik. It includes 5 extra tracks, the 2 tracks from Bangs & Works and 3 bonus exclusive ‘bangers’.

DJ Diamond is 24 year old Karlis Griffin from the West Side of Chicago. He has been producing music since the age of 13 and DJing since 20, heading the ‘Flight Muzik’ clique of footwork producers.

You might recall his two tracks from our ‘Bangs & Works Vol.1’ footwork compilation of last year. In addition he’s also released several mix cds in Chicago, but this, his first international album showcases his unique style of footwork music.

DJ Diamond is a unique producer with his own distinct style and an unusual ear for unexpected sonic and rhythmic combinations within the footwork template. Often he thoroughly edits samples into tiny trance-inducing, techno-like stabs. Combining this with a penchant for neon synths and loose, broken drums (that are often more effect-laden and freeform than those of of his peers) and you have a sound which has an intriguing, deeper, dreamlike feel.

The breadth and quality of his production is clear when you listen to this album. Take opener ‘Rep Yo Clique’s woozy drawling synths and tribal tom patterns next to ‘Speakerz n Tonguez’ with it’s snapping snares, minimal, repetitive voice samples and martial, detailed drum work. Then a track like ‘Torture Rack’ which is like grime in outer space: a minimal bassline and some samples from a computer game, while a bass kick stumbles at half time, swarms of percussive detail giving it drama. It’s a brilliant exercise in wonky tension. The extraordinary ‘Decoded’ comes across like a kind of amalgam of trance and prog rock bombast at 160bpm while ‘Wreckage’s’ high pitch saw noise is like a strange metallic bird-call, over light cymbals, gabba-like kicks and metallic claps. ‘Digimon’s’ harmonic microedits could even be an SND track transported to Chicago. Finally the album’s closer ‘I Choose You’ rolls out over a heavily edited and processed soul sample, it’s drums rolling off at odd angles to almost seasick effect.