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Distort Zine #58 Zine

Distort Zine #58 Zine


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From Distort...This issue of Distort is about class warfare and cult hardcore.

I reached out to some bands to ask WHAT IS REAL and WHO IS FAKE. These are the sounds sorting me out through this extended lockdown. The internet does not exist in the hardcore of the future:

Bryony Beynon wrote this piece about Ian Bone and the origins of Class War in the UK.

The Prostate Funeral Politics cassette was one of the highlights of 2020 hardcore: terminal hatred, white hot guitar squall, dim wit agro chanting backed by a hectos drum machine, like Mark N punching on with a punk band, like Jezus and the Gospelfuckers stayed around long enough to get influenced from gabber.
Guffo is the individual responsible for recording and releasing this hate noise on their Miracle Cortex label. I hit them up for some insight into hardcore 2021.

Sydney’s Perspex deliver a harsh belting on their new 7”. Vocalist Toto was kind enough to shine a little light into the mysterious corners of the Perspex mind.

Oily Boys Cro Memory Grin is a masterwork of unholy Sydney hardcore that was perfectly timed to induce the global comedown of last year. Pure aggression, ecstasy fever. Unhinged Broken Minds. Urban Base Mentality. I hit up vocalist, lyricist and torturer of brass winds; Drew Bennett.

Sam Ryser’s illustrations have helped define the style of modern New York punk and bad trip hardcore, gracing countless fliers, zines, books and records. His bands are Crazy Spirit and Murderer, and both are entirely worth your attention.

Sam recently started a project drawing freehand t-shirts for freaks who message him their favourite band and song. I called Sam last week to ask him about the Bathory shirt, the impromptu 2020 Crazy Spirit reunion and the Murderer show in London at the start of the pandemic.

Cover artwork by Renee Jaeger.

DX, Spring 2021