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Dessaccord Majeur - Sunquake 12"

Dessaccord Majeur - Sunquake 12"

A Colourful Storm

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 Colourful Storm presents Sunquake, a selection - the first ever to be committed to vinyl - of work by Désaccord Majeur.

Désaccord Majeur is the alter ego of French journeyman Jérôme Mauduit, a curious seeker and sustaining presence in Europe's post-industrial underground. Beginning his musical activities in the mid-1980s, Mauduit committed his first recordings to tape in 1989, self-releasing La Théorie Du Chaos on his eponymous label home to fellow travellers Internal Fusion, Largo and Moments Présents. It continued to act as a base for his own endeavours and before discontinuation in 1994, culminated in the release of Ophir, an important document propagating the earthy, ritualistic spores of Ah Cama Sotz, Hybryds, Nightmare Lodge and Muslimgauze - the alias of Bryn Jones who would later become his label mate at Staalplaat.

Treading sensitively through a humid urban decay left by Jorge Reyes and Luis Delgado, Manduit inhabits a strange, sticky world shared by O Yuki Conjugate, Z'EV and Nocturnal Emissions: woodlike percussion, melancholic drift and unclean ambience his markers of identification. Alluding to the atmospheric qualities of mid-90s world-weary electronica and the digitised undulations generated by Paul Schütze, Aubrite-era Thomas Köner and early Microstoria, it's perhaps no surprise that the tactility of Manduit's work has gained pertinence and resonated with a new generation of listeners - in fact, it was Vladimir Ivkovic who first introduced it to us in 2019.

Sourced from a productive period which climaxed in an appearance on Rotorelief's Coilectif - In Memory Ov John Balance and Homage to Coil compilation (2006), the tracks on Sunquake reveal the workings of an idiosyncratic, otherworldly artist drifting through dreams.

"This is a tiny yet remarkable entrance into Désaccord Majeur’s world of beautiful introvert electronics. Delicate yet powerful music that sounds like it was never made to please anyone beyond the place it was made. Never overstated but always inviting for anyone who wants to go for a hike through inner spaces."
—Vladimir Ivkovic, June 2020