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Deck In The Pit - In A Lane 10”

Deck In The Pit - In A Lane 10”

Tropical Cancer Rort

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From Glen…

'Between Per Purpose und my venture into live performance at the end of a smirking mime's memespiel sits Deck In The Pit. Existing for little over a year, 'In A Lane' completely cleans out all material mustered by the act in the most dignified n formal format known to nerds - the ten inches.
Enlisting Phil Hubcap for his idiosyncratic early drummer's mcflurry as whipt for Piss Pain and also Steven Blutape for his bassman's vocab exhibitten in act 'Sydney 2000', we three gathered under an umbrella's elective influence of the Magic Band, raining inside. Upon inception of the project I'd only just then become besotted with da Don, so fresh then.
Added to that a reverence for all things JLP and that's where Deck In The Pit fell into, a mostly well trodden blue eyed bluesvein that won't shock anyone too violent.

My Favourite memory of the band's tenure was a gig we played at Toecutter's Ponyland Plot out 419 Stonerchute rd. in Nimbin. After performing to the dreadlock'n incensed locality, we three crossed the road und under some barbed wire to 420 Stonerchute rd. To wander and explore then.
We crossed a log over a deep ravine in single file, lit by the moon and stars above with the busting, bloated cloudfront of a fierce storm rolling closer. After having spooked some static cows at the peak of the hill we'd conquered, I got my smartphone out of my pocket to see what the rest of the world inside the crystal ball tech read. Will Mann of Treehouse was livestreaming a Men W/ Chips performance that was happening right then at that time in Hobart. As I squat down in the damp unkempt grass to watch the dazzling light depict three other blue eyed bluesmen, that storm I mentioned struck - raining outside.'