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dawson - Discography+ 2CD

dawson - Discography+ 2CD

Sorcerer Records

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The complete discography from Scotland's dawson, all in one handy place: a 2CD set! dawson existed from approx. 1989 - 1994, played extensively throughout the UK and Europe and even toured the US. They recorded and released three full-length LPs on their own Gruff Wit label, as well as several 7"s and a tape. Linked up with the Scottish-Dutch connection of The Ex and Dog Faced Hermans, both of whom they toured/gigged with, they were part of the vital Scottish post-punk/hardcore scene of the era, along with others such as Badgewearer, Archbishop Kebab, Whirling Pig Dervish, Long Fin Killie, etc. dawson were an incredible scattershot of sounds, blending political hardcore fury with scratchy post-punk, Afro rhythms, tape collage, manic noise, heavy-duty dub and much more.

The Pop Group, Crass, On-U Sound, bIG fLAME, Minutemen and even the controlled chaos of the Boredoms could be mentioned, but this was Scotland's dawson.
This 2CD has been fully remastered and comes housed in a 3-panel cardboard wallet with a 20-page booklet containing extensive liner notes by the band's Jer Reid, photos, lyrics, flyers, etc. It' contains EVERYTHING dawson you will ever need.

Why release this? Because they were one of the best, most exciting and most musically dynamic outfits of their era and they need proper documenting.
This set is limited to 500 copies worldwide. - Sorcerer Records