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David Nance & Mowed Sound - David Nance & Mowed Sound LP

David Nance & Mowed Sound - David Nance & Mowed Sound LP

Third Man Records

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The new David Nance & Mowed Sound record sports a hype sticker promo’ing “Good rhythms. Slick production.” And that just about sums it up!

This is the culmination of his last 4(?) records, a kind of FM radio surfing trip from the US underground through to AOR. The late night bluesy JJ Caleisms of Staunch Honey, the Crazy Horse sprawl of Peace & Slightly Pulverized, the cracked rockin’ of Negative Boogie, and the droning post-VU rock of More Than Enough.

But this also sees Nance and co. stretch into the lushest sounding territory yet. With Mowed Sound in tow (the new Wrecking Crew for the US rock underground? Catch them on the Rosali LP out in a couple of weeks too!) featuring members of his past bands, playing with everything from Megan Siebe-penned string arrangements, to Wurlitzer and walls of percussion.

Lots to sink teeth into here and one I’m sure I’m gonna be playing for a long time, especially slow-burning ballad closer In Orlando which feels like The Stones’ Midnight Mile played out in contemporary US ‘burbs.