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Danny  Graham - Danny  Graham LP

Danny Graham - Danny Graham LP

Xerox Music

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Don’t know why I passed up on Danny Graham when it got reissued back in 2018 (a glut of private press reissues at the time? The Bowie comparisons?) but giving it a listen this morning after Jen insisted I should, it’s hitting the spot!

Wonky bedroom recordings that nod to classic rock and folk (hints of Beatles, Faces, Stones, Donovan, even Al Green) with mercurial passages of shredding. Both ambitious and understated at the same time!



"Ordinarily the kind of record that would make us run a mile, Danny Graham's personality shines through on every song, and the LP's low-budget, home-recorded loner charm has turned it into an enduring favourite." - Wallaby Beat

Xerox Music is delighted to announce the first reissue of the self-titled debut album by Danny Graham. Originally released in 1980, it is a high watermark in the field of Australian home recorded, self-released singer-songwriter albums. The album is occasionally described as psychedelic, most likely because it doesn't really fit squarely into any other classification. On paper it could be described as simply a blend of folk and soft rock, but that doesn't quite hit the mark. Danny's unique songwriting, whispered vocals and multi-tracked guitars combined with the low-budget production elevate it to something greater than the sum of its parts.