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Dan Melchior - CB Odyssey LP

Dan Melchior - CB Odyssey LP

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I'm going to be real here, I am generally not a fan of prolific recording artists in the modern age. I could go on about how I think it's an unfortunate symptom of the attention economy, where remaining in the news feed is more important than making a worthwhile artistic statement, but I'll stop there and say that Dan Melchior is an obvious exception.

I think it's because he embodies a dignified "working musician" approach that's much closer to The Fall than 'rise & grind' culture. Dan joins the dots between some of my most beloved worlds and traditions in music, and all of his records (at least the ones I've heard) seem to have some subtle concept or set of parameters that make it feel like a purposeful addition to his discography.

CB Odyssey is a clever, resourceful and straight up delightful collection of songs. It's not at all similar to 'Like Flies On Sherbert' or Henry Flynt avant-hillbilly music but it demonstrates that utilising those formative stages of rock 'n' roll music as a rough set of parameters can make something unique and communicative (i.e. not a period peice) - Nic