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Dais Queue - I live here CS

Dais Queue - I live here CS

Oxtail Recordings

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After a number of split, collaborative, and compilation releases on Oxtail - and years as a prolific live performer on the American East Coast - we’re incredibly stoked to finally give Dais Queue the full-length shine he deserves. On I live here, Davis Salisbury embraces the format and opens wide up, offering over an hour of his signature guitar meditations - lyrical riffing, howling feedback, and hazy ambience are all on display.

While the most fully-realized Dais Queue moments are the live ones - there’s no substitute for watching him stop time with his focus, intent, and understated control of the audience - I live here artfully adapts the live feeling and sound to tape, while taking advantage of techniques available only in the studio. For these recordings, Salisbury’s methods explored the fallibility of memory and our attempts to frame our personal narrative: he would record an improvisation, then record another on top of it, without listening back to the first. Repeating the process over and over, he built up pools of sounds, each trying to remember and respond to the others but inevitably falling short of a true conversation.

Salisbury describes it best himself: “I wanted to capture the ways I was reckoning with passages of my life, kind of revisiting them and running over choices I had made, conversations, good times, rougher times, etc. Any track I used is unedited and used in full - This was meant to be analogous to moments of the past/history that you can't change. They are lived experiences and moments in time, thus the tracks would be unedited documents of time too. The intent of not listening to them was to mimic the thing I was living through, which was having thoughts and emotions and parts of conversations come into my head that I couldn't truly revisit, I could only try to remember what really happened after the fact and reckon with my memory.

“I wanted it to feel organic and a bit off kilter as much of life is, despite our best efforts to reign it in.” - Oxtail Recordings