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Cynic - Ascension Codes 2LP

Cynic - Ascension Codes 2LP

Season Of Mist

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CYNIC has made its long-awaited return with ‘Ascension Codes,’ the highly anticipated follow up to 2014’s critically acclaimed ‘Kindly Bent to Free Us.’

'Ascension Codes' is a remarkably far-reaching work, and if nothing else, a clear indication that they have landed in a place of mastery. The album, paradoxically, acts as both swan song and rebirth. It is, throughout its 49 minutes, a vivid and highly cosmic journey into the very core of every impulse this band has ever explored. Its nine main songs are infused with explosions of color and energy, and throughout these compositions are embedded the “codes."

Ascension Codes is a TOTALITY, a dense, must-listen-all-the-way-through experience. - Season Of Mist