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Cured Pink - Current Climate CD

Cured Pink - Current Climate CD


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CD. The band that wins my vote for “Best Post-Industrial Funk-Rockers” from 2013 until the end of time is back!!

Current Climate is incredible. Like Cured Pink’s first LP ‘As A Four Piece Band’ (RIP Society, 2015, still available by the way wink wink) it could be simplified as Cabaret Voltaire or The Pop Group for the Dean Blunt generation. I feel dumb mentioning dubby/funky UK post-punk in reference to this band as their records are better than ‘Y’, and it might make you think they’re another retro Rough Trade group. WRONG.

Cured Punk are a band of the now and if we’re going to speak of other bands in an effort to frame their approach they deserve to be grouped in with Blurt, The Shadow Ring, Triple Negative, Ike Yard, Alternative TV, Factrix and Can.

While Cured Punk started as the solo project of Andrew McLellan (aka Enderie) many moons ago in Far North Queensland, they’re most known as the Brisbane based all-star band of Glen Schenau (Per Purpose, Sky Needle), Mitchel Perkins (Per Purpose, Clever), Stuart Busby (Deadnotes, Threads) and of course Andrew. A once in a lifetime band.

I need to stop writing this as I’m struggling with the fact that we live in a world where the discourse and mechanisms to spread this type of truly smart, challenging, fun and interesting music are quite frankly, weak.

Acts that avoid easy compartmentalisation (i.e. fall outside the identifiable subcultural music communities or archetypes of artist), and aren’t able or willing to submit to the influencer-adjacent commodification-of-self hustle that has crept into the tiniest sectors of independent music seem more doomed to obscurity than say 5 years ago.

At least we’ve got you, and you’ve got us, and we’ve got copies of the new Cured Pink!!  – Nic (Repressed Records)