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Cube - Drug Of Choice LP

Cube - Drug Of Choice LP


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My strange addiction? Cube's new album 'Drug Of Choice'. Like I said in the last attempt to contextualise this project, the rhythmic/industrial studio experiments of DOME (the place to go after the first 3 Wire albums) is a close mode of operation.

Cube has a pluralistic approach that folds together decades of different underground music dialects in a way that feels remarkably cohesive.

An album that reminds me of the 2000s supreme post-punk minimalists A-Frames, but also features more than one amen break(?!). The kind of damaged circuitry sounds you'd hear on Wolf Eye's Slicer meets Cheveu's electro-punk.

Sits well next to the YL Hooi LP that just arrived in the mail (we'll tell ya bout that one later!). Pretty fantastic stuff to be freakin' honest!
- Nic