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Creep of Paris - Karaoke World I & II LP

Creep of Paris - Karaoke World I & II LP

Index Clean

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From Index Clean.. 

Notes and observations on C.O.P. 'Karaoke World I & II'

Side A

1. "The eyeless female is attracted to the tip of a twig"
Broken music hall ice skating on slush, bloodsucking insects, the scent of butyric acid. TG / Jarman "Journey through a body" remade as "Journey Through Filtration Tank and Musty Beaker"
2. More ice skating, this time in the insect house, breathing liquid nitrogen. The reptile house features gas bottles trying to summon Bigfoot. A church organ rigged to an old ice cream van buzzes by; one of the early but failed attempts at cross-channel flight.
3. Inside the reactor / fume cupboard. Some of the more sociable Victorian folks who enjoy showing up on EVP recordings are having a party.
4. Drilling a hole through a very tiny skull, before a Brigitte Lahaie type practices reading an audiobook in a car wash made out of her own hair. Some bourgeois ghosts attempt a trumpet salute but the microphone is covered with moss and twigs. "Come and pray at this pile of turds"

Side B

1. Early Super 8 recording of future members of Mütilation (Les Legions Noire) during a typical breakfast situation. The teenage metalleurs are refusing to eat their corn flakes and demand more cherry schnapps. Their unholy screeching causes electromagnetic interference and the sodastream eventually conks out, allowing the Victorian EVP guys party channel to break through once more.
2. Stirring tests. Borax / flesh mixture, in wooden centrifuge.
3. Poison dart experiments in jungle zoo. Recorded through WW1 gas mask.
4. Beer can thrown into CERN reactor tests I-IV.
5. Greta Garbled.
6. Rotten corpse stapling factory, St. Denis.
7. Yeti burps, no carriage available.