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Cosmic Drag - Jungle Bag CS

Cosmic Drag - Jungle Bag CS

Chemical Imbalance

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From Chemical Imbalance...

~ 'Jungle Bag' is the debut album, following self-released digital EP in 2020 entitled 'Hoops', from Cosmic Drag, ie. the latest project of Victorian* artist/musician Timothy K. Brown (known for thee ambient works under his own name, as well as being a member of Mount Trout, Rat Filth & other great acts/bands on the "fringe"), with a wee bit of help from fellow Mount Trout-er, Will Fagan, who plays the sticks on a few tracks.
~ This latest offering is described as "..music that sounds like Scott Walker's fried cousin playing black metal in the Solomon Islands or Arnold Swartzenegger doing The Shaggs' covers" - which is pretty spot on! :)