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Strapped In - Strapped In CD

Strapped In - Strapped In CD

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Band Bio: Strapped In is an energetic punk rock band hailing from Newcastle, Australia. The band features vocalist and bassist Jimbo Jones, guitarist Ric Hard and drummer Squelchy.
Formed in 2019, Strapped In started out playing local shows and has released two independent demos online, Filth By Association and Born Filthy, and their self titled debut on vinyl is being released October 22nd 2023.

With their catchy riffs, no-holds-barred attitude, and humorous, politically-charged lyrics, they have quickly become known for their unique blend of punk, thrash, and hardcore music.

For fans of punk rock, Strapped In is a must-see band, and their music is proof that punk is alive and well in Newcastle, Australia. Their dedication, passion, and raw talent have already earned them a solid following, and they continue to push the boundaries with each new show and release.