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DMX Krew - Party Life LP

DMX Krew - Party Life LP

Permanent Vacation

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Ed Upton's DMX Krew output as always been heavily rooted in electro, but he's not averse to turning his hand to vintage-sounding synth-funk and electropop when the mood takes him. It's that mode the Bedford-born producer is in on Party Life, his second album for long-serving Munich stable Permanent Vacation. Featuring his own spoken and sung vocals, pleasingly authentic '80s-sounding synths and bubbly basslines throughout, Party Life very much lives up to its title, delivering a swathe of catchy, ear-pleasing cuts that are more fun than, well, something extremely fun. Highlights include bubbly P-funk pop number 'Show Me', revivalist new jack swing number 'Anything' and wonderfully electrofunk jam 'Party Life', which is also presented in a deliciously delay-laden 'Dub' mix mode at the end of side two. - Permanent Vacation 

a1 party life
a2 show her your soul
a3 audrey
a4 show me

b1 thought you were the one
b2 anything
b3 the key
b4 party life (dub mix)