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Cooper & Cantrell - Cooper & Cantrell CS

Cooper & Cantrell - Cooper & Cantrell CS

Altered States Tapes

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This collaborative debut by the (respectively) NY and LA based duo of Oren Cantrell and Sam Cooper fell into my ears from out th’ aether.

These two lngtime pals have previously conducted their sonic work in relatively disparate climes - Cantrell with his 2019 solo meisterwerk of abstracted, compositional unease, Kobzir, on the ever-reliable Seance Centre and Cooper as a third of 100% Silk affil’d zonal dreamweavers Pharaohs (amongst others).

This release sees the two friends collaborating IRL in pre-pandemic LA sessions to conjure this suite of minimal ambience (at times calm and others, tense) shifting into gently-gliding, krautesque rhythm jams. The results make for dense and inspired listening, layers unfurling across a broad urban savannah where much terrain is traversed along it’s sonic narrative.