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Coloured Balls - Heavy Metal Kids LP

Coloured Balls - Heavy Metal Kids LP

Just Add Water

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Heavy Metal Kid was the last album Coloured Balls recorded during their all too brief three-year existence. It's often overlooked due to the enormous impact and success their preceding album Ball Power had on Australian music. Coming into 1974, they were at the peak of their powers as a group. Ball Power was racing up the charts, they were one of Australia's biggest live draws and they made a triumphant return to the Sunbury Festival stage. Heavy Metal Kid was a natural progression for the band that could not be pigeonholed. They were still bringing their unique mix of proto punk, hard rock, blues, space rock, progressive and 50s rock n roll, but they expanded their sonic palette to include even a piano ballad and spaced-out ARP synthesizers. Fun fact - in addition to being an absolutely stunning guitarist, Lobby Loyde was a classically trained pianist.

This is the first time this album was been released in America. This pressing has been painstakingly sourced directly from the original 1974 quarter inch mix-down master tapes and sounds incredible. This has been an entirely analog production chain and hasn't been touched by a computer at any stage of the process.

Hear Coloured Balls as they were meant to be heard.

- Just Add Water