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Cindy - 1:2 LP

Cindy - 1:2 LP

Mt. St. Mtn.

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In the nexus of what seems to be a golden age of Bay Area guitar pop, Cindy have released yet another LP of unassuming but top shelf songs.

Karina Gill’s wry observational lyricism has been the anchor of the group since the start, and this new album is no different with tracks that range from lovelorn heartwrenchers to passing lines about San Fran outsider characters characters. All this fleshed out by Gill & co.’s third album VU-strum-and-chime that balances direct songwriting with some hazier atmospherics.

While this latest album cleans the sound up a bit from the previous two, there’s still a DIY charm to all of this, as though Mazzy Star had the underground charm of Young Marble Giants
-Mitch (Repressed Records)