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Chronophage - Th’ Pig Kiss’d Album LP

Chronophage - Th’ Pig Kiss’d Album LP

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We’ve been smashing the first record by Chronophage ‘Prolog For Tomorrow’ since we discovered it, and are very happy to have ‘Th’ Pig Kiss’d Album’ in stock as (a) it’s an album that improves upon the unique dynamic of their first, (b) it encapsulates many of the aspects we love about the Do-It-Yourself musical ecosystem and c) we think a lot of our audience will feel the same 😉 .

Chronoplage reminds me of The Raincoats, Desperate Bicycles and Swell Maps, in the way in which they’ve developed a unique and forceful musical language out of a scrappy and outwardly amateur approach. Their open mindedness results in a humbly ambitious and highly expressive artful guitar pop.

Chronophage would fit well alongside Possible Humans, Sachet, Thigh Master, Soot and V.I.P.P. if they were ever to tour Australia. -Nic

(Note: this is the European pressing of the album with a slightly different track order to the US press).