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Christopher LG Hill - Red Tape CS

Christopher LG Hill - Red Tape CS

Nice Music

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NM presents a compilation across two tape releases from anarchist, artist and tape music poet Christopher LG Hill. Across one tape of elongated dust and grime and one tape of clang-heavy lofi tänzelcore/DS/elektro kinetics, Hill theatrically snoops around their own ids in various disguises, alluded to by the slew of aliases credited to these tracks.

‘Red Tape’ plaintively offers us a plateau of casio organ meditations, mouldily recorded in some basement we are locked out of. Tape speed experiments and quiet centrifugal torrents set the scene for a kind of dungeon synth degradation on dying batteries, recorded as 3rd wave black metal demos. Elsewhere, hot recordings of harmonic chiming and teeth grinding choke the atmos with fumes of encoded folly.

‘Yellow Tape’ then shifts into a world of swept junk clatter and petrol-soaked seesawing on broken rhythmic themes. An upside-down angle grinder rattles in the corner while keyboard percussion zoos battle for oxygen with asynchronous sequencer patter, interrupted occasionally by incongruous concrète dioramas.

Hill smashes all this and more into heat-treated longform collage pieces along all 4 tape sides. Limited edition runs of both tapes, available separately or in a bundle with a multi-dimensional tshirt design from Hill and Arps, created especially for NM and this release.

For fans of Sewer Election, Bergënot, Skaters, Corneus, Korean Undok Group