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Carpet Burn - I Can't Believe It's Not Carpet Burn CS

Carpet Burn - I Can't Believe It's Not Carpet Burn CS

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The debut 7” from Melbourne DIY pop group Carpet Burn. Double-headed by Kayley Langdon (Blonde Revolver) and Tam Richards-Matlakowski (Tam Vantage, Girlatones, Permits), while rhythmically supported by Amada Monteiro (Gutter Girls) and Louis McDonald (Plastic), I Can’t Believe It’s Not Carpet Burn wrangles the group’s knack for clever songwriting and an eye for absurdity to offer up a collection of idiosyncratic and charmingly off-kilter guitar-pop.

Built around a tangle of wobbly guitar and organ over a restless rhythm section, ICBINCB radiates with a sort-of offbeat charisma, Carpet Burn sounding as wide-eyed and whimsical as they are irreverent across these four tracks.

We've now added two new songs to this release! Two b-sides, 'A Little More' + 'Pencils and Sharpeners'.

If the original EP was a collection of idiosyncratic and charmingly off-kilter guitar-pop, these two songs don’t differ but double down on the whimsical and wonky sound that Carpet Burn have managed to nail over the past couple of years. The two tracks come with a tongue in cheek collective title I Can’t Believe It’s Not The A-Side, and I tend to agree.

A Little More is a slow burner pop song with an understated but charming chorus melody, set to become one of the biggest pop earworms of this Spring. It was also the first song Tam and Kayley ever wrote, and a testament to the knack for pop songwriting they’ve possessed since the start. On the other side of Carpet Burn’s oddball pop spectrum is Pencils and Sharpeners, a noisier approach to the DIY sound with a relentless chromatic riff that peaks and dips in a dynamic disarray dipping its toe into garage rock.

As a final note on the two songs, Kayley says;
“I guess the two songs are a pretty true representation of how Carpet Burn changed. The first song we ever wrote we didn't really know what we wanted the band to be like but then as we wrote more songs we knew we wanted to be more silly and not take ourselves too seriously.”