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"Blue" Gene Tyranny - Degrees Of Freedom Found 6CD

"Blue" Gene Tyranny - Degrees Of Freedom Found 6CD

Unseen Worlds

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“Blue” Gene Tyranny is a person whose life-in-music has crossed paths with a cast as assorted as Iggy Pop, Robert Ashley, Kathy Acker and Arthur Russell.

He champions and melds the worlds of so-called high and low culture. A heroic figure of music!

Saying that, a 6CD collection is a daunting prospect. It covers everything from his fusion of 20th century composition principals and popular music, ambient piano/synth works, and Perfect Lives-esque long form pieces.

Blue’s work generally has a fun queer/kitsch streak running through it, while also being uniquely challenging. I’d purchase ‘Out Of The Blue’ first, then you’ll probably be back for this.
- Nic